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Adanac Park - Southampton
Project Value - 1.2m
Kier Construction Southampton

This project was the new headquarters for the Ordnance Survey. Main architectural works consisted of two helical powder coated stairs with glass balustrade & stainless steel top rail, also includes a straight stair of similar construction in the main reception. 

Jigsaw - London
Project Value - 80k
Garenne Shopfitting

This project was a for new Jigsaw store located in Regents Street, London. We designed and installed the new powder coated feature stair including glass and stainless steel balstrade as well as a new mezzanine floor structure and 2 back of house galvanised steel stairs. 

Aura Royal Free Hospital
Project Value - 150k
Aura Custom Solutions


Aura are a specialist fabric canopy design company and Stephens & Stuarts have a close working relationship with them. This project was a new bespoke entrance canopy and was a challenge due to both its complex elliptical shape and the interface with the existing structure. 

Wasabi - Wembley
Project Value - 500k

This project was for the new headquarters and main distribution centre for Wasabi. As part of the internal fit out, S&S designed, fabricated and installed a 55T 8M high gantry structure as well as a steel access stair. We also provided an office mezzanine floor and several cat ladders. 

Hythe Marina
Project Value - 5k
Domestic Project

This was a residential project for a private customer and consisted of the replacement of existing balustrade on a balcony that cantilevered over water on the main marina front. 

This balustrade comprised PPC box section designed such that the existing glass panels were reused to provide a cost saving to the client. 

Stockley Park
Project Value - 300k
Kier Construction


A flagship development project in a high-end business park in Uxbridge. S&S designed, fabricated and installed the main feature stairs constructed from powder coated steel for the stair and glass and stainless steel balustrade. Two external galvanised and powder coated escape stairs also supplied 

West Quay - Southampton
Project Value - 1.5m
Sir Robert McAlpine

This was a brand new complex in the heart of Southampton, our package consisted of secondary steelworks and all architectural metalworks on site, very challenging project due to the bespoke shapes involved

Tommy Hilfiger - Regent St London
Project Value - 100k
Schwitzke Projects

Bespoke (floating) architectural staircase.

A fabricated staircase, with walnut handrails, seamless curved powder coated aluminium cladding and triple laminate glass balustrade panels.

FH Brundles - Southampton
Project Value - 500k
Directly with FH Brundles

This project was an extension to an existing warehouse comprising 250T of steel and cold rolled purlins/rails. The clients operations had to be continuous and uninterrupted therefore installation was carried out in carefully planned phases in order to facilitate this. 

We also designed, fabricated and installed two straight and one spiral stair as part of this project. 

Victoria Street - London
Project Value - 1.3m
John Sisk & Sons

This was a refurbishment project in central London to create 57 high specification apartments. S&S installed 2500m of brickwork support frames, also provided the main staircase which was constructed in pre-assembled flights and erected using a tower crane as well as 2000m of bronze affect balstrade and balconies. 

Selex - Southampton
Project Value - 100k
Vear Group

This project was for a research facility located in Southampton. S&S provided a support structure for some specialist precision equipment. The main challenge during this project was to achieve installation within the tight tolerances required to accommodate such specialist equipment.

SSL Epsom
Project Value - 90k
Base Build Services Ltd

The project involved the installation of a new mezzanine floor structure and two access stairs. As this was taking place in a live store it provided both logistical and programme challenges. S&S delivered the project from design to site completion in 5 weeks. 

Project X
Project Value - 600k
Private Client

A very complex fabricated ‘spiderweb’ structure, completed during the pandemic which created its own issues with social distancing and material procurement

Lords View one
Project Value - 1.1m
Bond & Hunt

A 200t rooftop extension starting on the 11th floor overlooking Lord's Cricket Ground in London followed by architectural metalworks package

HSBC Water Tank - Canary Wharf
Project Value - 100k
Vear Group

This project involved the design, fabrication and installation of 20T of galvanised steel on the roof of the HSBC headquarters building in Canary Wharf.

Logistics proved to be the main challenge on this project as there was no opportunity to use a crane. The design of the steel work was therefore driven by the fact that all steel had to be taken to the working area (42 Floors from ground level) in a goods lift which limited the max length of the steel. Work was carried out at weekends to reduce impact on the headquarters normal operations. 

The "RIDE" Car & Stolen Wishes Projects
Car Project Value - 10k
Zoie Logic Dance


A whacky and very much bespoke project. We were approached by a dance company who had an idea and a second hand car. 

They said make it work - WE DID !

Zoie returned again to Stephens & Stuarts to create another bespoke item for another dance project of theirs called Stolen Wishes. 

HP Sky Bridge
Project Value -. 100k

This project was for a new 54m long pedestrian bridge spanning between to buildings. 

Each building required enabling works prior to installation of the bridge and this was carried out with minimal disruption to the occupants. 

The bridge was fabricated and transported in three sections and the installations involved tandem crane lifts. 

Butlins - Bognor Regis
Project Value - TBC

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Details to follow

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Details to follow

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